Regional sittings

2012 Regional Sittings

On 6 September 2012 the Parliament met in regional Victoria.

The Council met at Bendigo Town Hall.

The Assembly met at the University of Ballarat, Mt Helen Campus.

What is regional sitting?

A regional sitting is a meeting of the Parliament of Victoria outside of Melbourne. The Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly meet separately, each in a different regional centre. The purpose of regional sittings is to give people the opportunity to see their elected representatives at work and to learn about the processes of Parliament.

In order to provide visitors with an accurate indication of what normally occurs when Parliament sits, the proceedings at regional sittings are designed to reflect, as much as possible, a typical sitting day.

Past Regional Sittings

The first regional sittings were on 16 August 2001 when the Legislative Council sat in Ballarat and the Legislative Assembly in Bendigo. These were the Parliament of Victoria's first sittings outside of Melbourne and were the first meetings of any Australasian legislature outside of a capital city.

Legislative Council

6 September 2012 - Bendigo

15-16 October 2008 - Lakes Entrance

17 November 2005 - Colac

20 October 2002 - Benalla Town Hall

16 August 2001 - Ballarat Town Hall

Legislative Assembly

6 September 2012 - Ballarat

15 October 2008 - Churchill

17 November 2005 - Geelong

16 August 2001 - Bendigo Town Hall