Council: 6 September 2012 - Bendigo

bendigo town hallThe Legislative Council met in the Bendigo Town Hall (189-193 Hargreaves Street, Bendigo) on Thursday, 6 September 2012, just the fifth occasion that the Legislative Council has conducted its proceedings outside Melbourne. Previous regional sittings by the Legislative Council have been in Ballarat, Benalla, Colac and Lakes Entrance.

The Legislative Council’s regional sittings provide regional communities with an opportunity to see their Members of Parliament at work in a unique and local setting. Regional sittings also demonstrate that the Parliament debates issues and policies that shape the vital government services delivered in our communities and identify opportunities for the future for all Victorians.

The Sitting in Bendigo

Over 100 Parliamentary and Government officials were directly involved with the Bendigo Regional Sitting.

The sitting reflected, as closely as possible, a typical sitting day in the Legislative Council. During the sitting, proposed legislation was debated, reports and petitions were tabled, Ministers were questioned about Government policy and performance and issues relevant to the Bendigoregion were debated. The Chamber was set up and configured as closely as possible to the Legislative Council Chamber in Melbourne.

A special Proclamation was issued by the Governor of Victoria, under the Constitution Act 1975 empowering the Legislative Council to sit in Bendigo on the day, as well as an Order declaring the Bendigo Town Hall and some surrounding areas to be a ‘Parliamentary Precinct’ under the Parliamentary Precincts Act 2001, thus giving the Presiding Officer all of the powers necessary to control and manage those areas during the sitting.

 Read the pdf Hansard transcript from the day.